Sky RC e3 2S-3S Balance Charger

Pris: 195 kr
Exkl moms: 156 kr
Märke:  Sky RC
Artikelnummer:  55541
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The SkyRC e3 is a compact and affordable Lithium-Polymer battery charger that can easily charge and balance 2S and 3S LiPo batteries directly through the balancer connector. This charger is intended to be connected directly to the AC mains (110-240V compatible). The SkyRC e3 balances and charges LiPo batteries with 800mAh current, so it can take a while for large capacity batteries to be fully charged. The best thing about it is that it is very compact in size and at a great price, so good for a start-up charger/balancer with your first model or as a second backup charger.


Dimension approx: 88x57x35mm
Weight approx: 100g (Without power cord)
Cell count range: 1-3 cells
Power supply voltage: 110-240V AC
Max. charge current: 800mAx3
Operational mode display: via 3 LEDs

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