Lantian WS2812B RGB5050 4 Bit LED

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Märke:  RC Tech
Artikelnummer:  23405
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Brand: Lantian
Weight: 1.5g
Port: digital
Voltage: 5V(4-7V)
Dimension: 32*10mm
LED: 5050 RGB colorful high light WS2812B*8
Platform: AVR, Arduino,Naze32/CC3D flight controller(cleanflight)
Build-in control chip, can control several LEDs by only 1 IO port
Built-shaping circuit chip, signal distortion does not accumulate,stable display
160,000 color TFT display, scanning frequency not less than 400Hz/S
Serial connect interface,can finish receiving and decoding data via a signal line
Both sides have DIN DOUT, can be connected in series
Note: Naze32 or CC3D flight controller, must brush cleanflight, can show the status for lock/unlock,shake,throttle,alarm etc.
Cleanflight support max. 4 led boards=32 WS2812B leds

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