Airspeed sensor for PX4/Pixhawk

Pris: 495 kr
Exkl moms: 396 kr
Märke:  RC Tech
Artikelnummer:  49978
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Featuring a high resolution Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor, with 1 psi measurement range. The Airspeed Sensor Kit enables a resolution of 0.84 Pa, with data delivered at 14 bits from a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC, bottom line it's accurate and fast! It also measures true air temperature to allow the HK pilot to better compare data with the on-board sensors for a true airspeed indicator. Supported on all Pixhawk and PX4 autopilot generation boards, this kit comes with M3 / 6-32 mounting holes.

Package includes:

  • Airspeed module x 1
  • Pitot tube x 1
  • Sillicone tube x 1
  • 4 pin cable x 1

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