DYS XSC20 Amp BLHeli_S Series ESC with solder pads

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DYS are renown the world over for their quality multi-rotor products, we are now pleased to offer their superb range of electronic speed controllers. Each one is flashed with the BLHeliS bootloader and supports OneShot142  to give the end user some of the best possible software available at this time.
The DYS range of speed controllers have been designed specifically with multi-rotors in mind, fast throttle response, ultra low resistance MOSFETs, small and lightweight, a thicker PCB for better heat dissapation and much more. This version has solder terminals for the motor wires and is extremely lighweight at only 4.6g.

• Designed specifically for multi-rotors
• Twisted servo cable to reduce interference
• Fast throttle response
• Low resistance MOSFETs 
• Small and lightweight (only 4.6g)
• Thicker PCB for better heat dissapation
• High performance capacitor filter

Model: 20A XSC Micro Opto multi-rotor ESC
Input Voltage: 3~4S (11.1~14.8V)
Continuous Current: 20 amps
Burst Current: 22 amps
Cut Off Voltage: 9.9V (3S)/13.2V (4S)
Frequency: 50Khz-5Mhz (CPU), signal 50hz
Governor: Yes
programmable: Yes
Motor Limit: 11000kv/rpm
Application: Compatible with BLHeliS firmware, supports OneShot142
BEC: No BEC, opto only
Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 4.5mm
Weight: 4.6g

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