FrSky XJT module

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Exkl moms: 396 kr
Märke:  FrSky
Artikelnummer:  22742
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Operating Voltage Range:6.0V-15.0V
Operating Current:140mA @6V, 80mA @ 12V
Output Power:≤ 100mW
Module Slot:JR/ Graupner type
Modulations:PXX or CPPM (auto-detected)
Modes:D8, D16 or LR12 (selectable)
Telemetry interface:Smart Port, RS232 Serial Port
Upgrade interface:Smart Port, RS232 Serial Port  Note:D8 means 8ch two-way;D16 means 16ch two-way full duplex transmission; LR12 means 12ch one-way long range.
1.Two auto-detected modulations of PXX or CPPM.
2.Three selectable modes of D8, D16 and LR12.
3.Smart Port enabled, realizing two-way full duplex transmission.
4.Detect the module antenna's working status and give sound warnings if the module antenna is broken or does not have intact contact, etc.
5.Super lower latency and higher precision.
Package includes: 
1x 16ch Duplex Telemetry Module

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