Skywalker X5 Pro

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X5 PRO is such a meticulous build for professional clients
in the field of aerial survey, of which equipment installation
are distributed orderly, such as SONY ILCE-QX1 camera slot,
image transmission, parachute cabin or other platform.

Through a large number of optimization design and
repeated flying testing, it can complete high quality flying,
aerial shots and aerial mission in complex environment with
real-time dynamic control system on the fuselage.


This is a kit that includes motor, servos, ESC and foldable propeller.
The plane is ready for landing by parachute (sold separately)

Product information:

Wing span    1280mm
Fuselage length    717mm
Wing area    44dm^2
Flying weight    1600-2000g
C.G.    From head to back 310mm-320mm
Motor    2810KV1000
Propeller    9060E
Servo    12g*2pcs
ESC    40A
Battery    14.8v 5200mah

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