Chaoli CL 820 8.5x20mm Brushless Motor

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Motor Diameter: 8.5mm
Motor Length: 20mm
Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm
Cable Length: 60mm
Weight: about 5g
Option: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White)

Operating condition
Rated voltage    3.2V DC
Direction of rotation    CW and CCW
Operating voltage range    DC3.0-3.7V DC
Operating temperature range    -10-50°C

Electrical characteristics:
Rated speed    39000rpm±12%
Rated current    200mA max 
Starting voltage    1.0V max
Insulation resistance    10MΩ min    AT 250V DC between

1) Please use the motor in this technology index range for the performance of the motor is affected by environmental temperature seriously.
2) Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. The motor will be burnt out after the motor shaft was locked for more then 1 second.

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