DYS MI 200mW Pigtail version

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Märke:  Dys
Artikelnummer:  73060
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Transmission frequency: 5.8Ghz
Transmitting power: 25-200mW
Frequency: 40CH
Input voltage: 5V
Antenna connector: SMA
Operating current: 50mA / 5V
Working temperature: -10 ~ 85 ℃
Video format: NTSC / PAL
Video bandwidth: 8M
Weight: 6g
Antenna Cable Length : About  77mm
Operation Instructions:
The factory default 200mw (LED blue light), long press 5 seconds to switch 25mw (LED red light) The display shows "L", 200mw display "H"
Press and hold for 3 seconds to switch FR / CH
Short press to select frequency band

Package included:
1 x DYS Transmitter
2 x Cables

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