HKPilot Micro GPS and Compass Module U-BLOX 7 (8g)

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Märke:  RC Tech
Artikelnummer:  39994
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The New HKPilot Micro GPS and Compass module is perfect for the small class multirotor, planes or even standalone OSD application. Featuring the new u-Blox MAX 7 chipset and a matched 15x15 dual amplified ceramic antenna, this micro GPS is packing full size power. The micro GPS also has the Honeywell HMC5883 Compass for remote location, to get your compass away from sources of interference. All this power and features, all at just 8g, the HKPilot Micro GPS all so comes with cables for both the 5 pin HKPilot Mega (APM), and the 6 pin HKPilot 32 (Pixhalk). This Micro GPS is also perfect for the MWC and Naze32 applications as well. 
• Active ceramic antenna, 15 × 15mm, comes with two LNA low-noise amplifier
• UART interfaces with EMI protection design, the RXD port can be compatible with 5V level signal input
• Build in HMC5883 compass I2C interface
• HG-U06 GPS with a standard UART (TTL) serial interface, common in most of the flight control
• Default setting Baud rate: 38400, update rate: 10hz
• 56ch u-blox 7 multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) engine

Dimensions (mm): 20 (width) x 22 (length) × 8.5 (H)
Weight (g): 8.2 (without cable) 
GPS module: u-blox MAX-7Q
Onboard interface: Molex 1.25mm-4Pin(I2C), 6Pin(UART)
I2C 4pin cable* 1
UART 6pin to 5pin cable* 1 (for APM)
UART 6pin to 6pin cable* 1 (for PX4)

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